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Biorepository Services

The Biorepository is housed in the Southey Research Laboratory in the Department of Pathology, The University of Melbourne. The prime purpose of the facility is to support the work of large multidisciplinary genetic epidemiological research studies conducted both within and outside of The University of Melbourne. The Biorepository provides broad biospecimen processing support for a diverse group of researchers including some who do not have access to such facilities in their own Institutions and Departments. Staff in the facility strive to offer professional advice and customised laboratory protocols for all researchers whose work involves the collection, storage and analysis of biological material.

The Biorepository has four main operations, biospecimen processing, sample storage, tissue culture and the onward provision of resources for research purposes.  The facility can offer custom biospecimen processing, storage and handling via discussion and collaboration. 

Significant routine components of the work of the Biorepository currently involves the reception and processing of blood specimens into fractions including whole blood, buffy coat, lymphocytes, non-lymphocytes, sera, plasma and transformation of lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCLs).  The facility currently holds a catalogue of several thousand fixed tumour specimens and 650,000 frozen specimens. Our protocols purify DNA from a large variety of biospecimen resources that represent the main end product produced and dispatched by the Biorepository to external collaborators. 

The Biorepository is linked to a molecular facility that can also offer flow-on custom molecular assays for research purposes (eg SNP genotyping or massively parallel sequencing) by arrangement.

20 -80 Freezers (Forma)
6 Liquid Nitrogen storage Tanks (MVE and TW)
2 Sigma centrifuges 4K15
2 Eppendorf centrifuges
2 Eppendorf concentrators
Clyde Apac Class 2 Cabinet
Email Class 2 Cabinet
BioAir Class 2 Cabinet
Qiagen Tissue Lyser
Corbett Research CAS-4800 Multi channel liquid handler
Corbett Research CAS-1200
Roche MagNA Pure
Semi-automated Guthrie card puncher

Genomic Facility
SOLiD 5500xl
Ion Torrent
Fluidigm EP1 System and Access Array.
Tecan liquid handler

Contact Us

Prof Melissa C. Southey
PhD, Grad Dip Law, FHGSA
Head, Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory
Department of Pathology
The University of Melbourne
Victoria, 3010.
T 61 3 8344 4895
F 61 3 8344 4004
M 61 438 595 395


Department of Pathology,
Level 6 West Reception, Medical Building,
The University of Melbourne,
Corner Grattan Street & Royal Parade,
Parkville, VIC, 3010

Physical location:

Room W622, Department of Pathology,
West Wing, Medical Building,
The University of Melbourne,
Corner Grattan Street & Royal Parade,
Parkville, VIC, 3010
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