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Undertaking Honours in Pathology

Undertaking the Honours course in the Department of Pathology represents an exciting and challenging opportunity for students to investigate their potential for a future career in biomedical research. The objectives of the course include the development of individual student’s skills in the areas of a) planning and design of experiments b) acquisition, interpretation and critical analysis of results, c) reporting of experimental data in a concise and scientific manner consistent with that published in scientific journals and d) communication of your research project via oral presentations to the Department.

This course is a challenging and exciting opportunity to experience laboratory based research investigating mechanisms of disease. This course requires hard work, discipline and self motivation, potentially involving long hours in the laboratory often performing technically complex experiments. To be successful, you will require good communication with your supervisor, other laboratory members, your peers and your Honours Coordinator.  The effort you put into these aspects of your course will provide rewards in terms of developing the analytical skills of a scientist, learning new skills and techniques, contributing to cutting-edge research and developing working relationships with your scientific peers.

The course is composed of 3 subjects, Research Project, Critical Analysis of Pathologic Research and Introduction to Biomedical Research. The breakdown of the weightings of each subject are.

PATH40001 Research Project (75 credit points)

15%           Literature Review*
65%           Research Thesis
5%             Introductory Seminar#
15%           Defense of Thesis Seminar#

PATH40002 Critical Analysis of Pathological Research (12.5 credit points)

20%           Data Assessment Exercise (Oral)
80%           Data Assessment Exercise (Written)

BIOM40001 Introduction to Biomedical Research (12.5 credit points)

50 %          Assignment 1
50 %          Assignment 2

You will be provided with a course survival kit which contains all of the necessary administrative information that you need to know about this course. You will also receive a copy of the Honours course timetable which lists all of the important dates, times and locations for your lectures, tutorials, oral presentations, and submission dates for your BIOMED assignments and literature review hurdle assessment and thesis report.
For most students the B.Sc. (Hons) year starts in February (Semester 1) and ends in November, although a mid-year intake (Semester 2) is also a possibility at the discretion of the departmental coordinator.

Entry requirements
For entry into the B.Sc. and B.Biomed (Hons) degree, you must have completed a suitable degree (B.Sc. B.Biomed.Sci. or equivalent) and achieved a Faculty Honours Score of 65 or equivalent. To undertake B.Sc. and B.Biomed (Hons) in the Department of Pathology, you must complete the application procedures outlined in the Department of Pathology B.Sc. and B.Biomed (Hons) Project Handbook, have the agreement of a supervisor in the Department of Pathology and the approval of the Head of Pathology (See "enrolling in a B.Sc. and B.Biomed (Hons)" below).


2015 Honours Projects (Updated versions of this booklet will be uploaded as further projects become available - check for updated version)


How to apply

  1.  Applications for start-year entry into MDHS Honours in 2014 will open on Friday August 30 2013 and close on Friday November 15 2013.
    The MDHS Honours Information session will held on Wednesday 4th September 2013 from 5.15pm-6.15pm in Copland Theatre - Arts West.
    The MDHS ‘Discover Honours in 2014’ Expo will be held on-campus (Parkville) on Thursday 5th September 2013 from 3pm-5pm at University Hall (Old Quad).
    Course Codes:

    • BH-BMED - Bachelor of Biomedicine (Honours): for students who have successfully completed or are about to complete the Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne.
    • BH-SCI - Bachelor of Science (Honours): for all other applicants who have successfully completed or are about to complete a Bachelor of Science or equivalent.

    STEP 1: Decide which departments, institutes, supervisors and projects you wish to apply for and make contact with the relevant supervisor
    Applicants must speak to potential supervisors before submitting an online application for entry to an MDHS Honours course.
    Department and Institute Honours project booklets and websites, the MDHS Honours Expo and individual information sessions held by departments and institutes are ways of helping you to make contact with potential Honours supervisors.

    Students wishing to undertake Honours in the Departments or Schools of Genetics, Psychological Sciences, Optometry and Vision Science, Veterinary Science or Zoology must contact those departments directly for guidance on their Honours application procedures. The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences does not handle Honours applications for these departments.

    STEP 2: Lodge an online application between Friday 30 August 2013 and Friday 15 November 2013
    Applications for Honours are lodged to MDHS via one of the following processes:

    Currently enrolled University of Melbourne students and alumni
    Apply online and select the Returning Applicants, Current Students and Previous Students option.
    Provide original or certified transcript(s) for any study not undertaken at The University of Melbourne. You are not required to provide transcripts for study undertaken at this university.

    External Applicants
    Apply online and select the First Time Applicants option. Do not select this option if you have previously completed study or applied to a program at The University of Melbourne.

    Provide original or certified transcript(s) for any study not undertaken at The University of Melbourne.

    Supporting documentation may be addressed to:

    Honours Student Adviser
    MDHS Student Centre
    Level 1, Brownless Biomedical Library
    The University of Melbourne
    VIC 3010 Australia

    Please include your University of Melbourne Applicant ID or Student ID on all items and correspondence.

    STEP 3: Lodge your project preference application in the Honours Application and Tracking System (HATS).
    NOTE: This step is only for applicants for start-year entry 2014.

    HATS will open on Monday September 9 2013 (to be confirmed) and close at 5PM Friday 29 November 2013.
    You may select up to ten project preferences via HATS. You must only preference projects after making contact with the relevant supervisor.

    STEP 4: Offers
    Round one offers for entry into 2014 will be made on Friday 20 December 2013. Students must accept their offer by the Offer Lapse Date noted in their offer letter.
    Students who meet the minimum entry requirements but are not made a Round 1 offer may be considered for Round 2 in mid-January.

    It is the responsibility of all applicants to ensure they make appropriate arrangements for their mail and email during December and January. The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences is not responsible for correspondence that has not been received due to applicants being unavailable during the offer period.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all students who meet the minimum entry requirements and make contact with Supervisors may be offered a place in an MDHS Honours course. Entry is conditional upon selection by the Departmental Selection Committee and is academically competitive.

    Please note that the above process is for applications to the Biomedical and Health Sciences Departments ONLY. Students interested in submitting preferences for projects in Genetics, the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, Optometry and Vision Sciences, Veterinary Science or Zoology, must contact those departments directly.

Contact the Honours co-ordinator
For initial enquiries about doing your BSc(Hons) in the Department of Pathology, contact the Honours Co-ordinators:

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