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Department of Pathology
Honours/ Research Student Information Session
Tuesday 8 September
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Medical Building (181),
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2016 Honours Projects(Updated versions of this booklet will be uploaded as further projects become available - check for updated version)


For application instructions see: http://sc.mdhs.unimelb.edu.au/how-apply

Undertaking the Honours course in the Department of Pathology represents an exciting and challenging opportunity for students to investigate their potential for a future career in biomedical research and/or beyond. The objectives of the course include the development of individual student skills in planning and design of experiments, acquisition, interpretation and critical analysis of data, reporting of scientific data consistent with that published in scientific journals and oral communication of research projects.
The coursework is composed of 3 subjects, Critical Analysis of Pathology Research (semester 1 only), Introduction to Biomedical Research (semester 1 only) and the Research Project (semester 1 & 2):

PATH40001 - 40005 Research Project (75 credit points)

15%           Literature Review*
65%           Research Thesis
5%             Introductory Seminar
15%           Defense of Thesis Seminar

PATH40002 Critical Analysis of Pathology Research (12.5 credit points)

20%           Data Assessment Exercise (Oral)
80%           Data Assessment Exercise (Written)

BIOM40001 Introduction to Biomedical Research (12.5 credit points)

See University Handbook

The Honours year starts in mid-February (Semester 1) and ends in November.

Entry requirements
To undertake B.Sc. and B.Biomed (Hons) in the Department of Pathology, you must fulfil the requirements of the department and Faculty of MDHS and have the agreement of a supervisor in the Department of Pathology or associated institutes and the approval of the Head of Pathology. Students must have completed a suitable degree (B.Sc. B.Biomed.Sci. or equivalent) and achieved a Faculty Honours Score of 65 or above (or external university equivalent). Many supervisors specify a minimum Faculty Score of 70, so students must discuss this with potential supervisors to clarify this.


Contact the Honours co-ordinator

For initial enquiries about doing your BSc(Hons) in the Department of Pathology, contact the Honours Co-ordinators:

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